I am glad to present a new version of Wisha.se. The new version includes a new user interface, better e-mail templates and various bugfixes resulting in an over all more stable product.

Whisa.se has been a side project of mine since 2018 and it is now on its third complete rewrite. For some reason I've always done a rewrite sometime before christmas, maybe it's because that's the only time it will be used :)

All through it's existence, I have treated Wisha.se as my lab project, trying out new technologies and design patterns. With this release, however, I have decided to try and make it as stable and maintainable as possible. My hopes are that I will have a steady foundation that I can come back to next christmas a patch instead of do a complete rewrite.

I will update you with an article about the evolution of Wisha.se and why I made the design choices I've done, stay tuned.